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Fractalis is a watch with fresh combination of traditional and futuristic features, and as such it sits at crossroads with engineering and art. It has clean strong lines with strong masculinity, yet avoiding brute vulgarity. Original design of Fractalis conveys precision, craftsmanship, durability and toughness.


The Argyron follows the same hereditary lines as Fractalis, but is especially  purpose built to serve as a diver watch. Main design follows the same principles as in Fractalis, and bears clear visual kinship, but with slightly bulkier case, and increased pressure resistance to 30 bar. Further, Argyron has rotating, lockable bezel, and diver type dial with specially arranged tritium illumination.

The name Argyron refers to diving bell spider Argyroneta aquatica, which is the only species of spider known to live almost entirely under water. 

At the moment Argyron is under development, and it is expected to be released during 2023.

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