Albeit being academically highly educated, Dr. Timo Aittokoski (PhD in computer science and MSc in sports science) has his roots deeply grounded in Finnish countryside. During his formative years as a farmer's son, he assumed independent creative mindset needed to keep machinery running and to create complex things from just basic materials with elemental tools.


As an adult, Dr. Aittokoski has treasured keen interest to all things mechanical and technological. In many occasions he has developed interest to certain field first as a by-stander, then hobbyist, and finally, explainable by his origins, the thought of contributing something new to the field has emerged. He has produced and manufactured progressive and unconventional designs in several fields of engineering, including modern turbocharged motorcycles, traditional V-2 custom motorcycles, snowmobiles, competitive two stroke engines, power dynamometers, flow benches, complex control electronics and even loudspeakers. Not to mention his daytime work at the heart of several cutting edge R&D projects. No welding torch, milling machine nor computer keyboard is stranger to Dr. Aittokoski.

Watches came to life of Dr. Aittokoski early on. In the same village lived eccentric and peculiar drifter with several watches hung on his suit west, and he was always willing to show his watches and make some watch trading. That was something quite amazing and fascinating for small kid. His first watch, digital plastic case space themed Casio, Dr. Aittokoski received as a gift at Christmas during his first year at elementary school. Dr. Aittokoski pinpoints that his interest to mechanical wristwatches sparked probably from John Christophers post-apocalyptic sci-fi classic, in which mankind has deteriorated under the rule of Tripods and is largely pastoral, and lifestyle is reminiscent of the Middle Ages, but small artefacts from the Modern Age are still used, such as watches. One of the watches is awe inspiring to protagonist Will and makes him think that humans must have had much higher technological level prior to Tripods.

During the first decade of the new millennia Dr. Aittokoski had nonchalant interest to watches, buying some, using some and losing some, but during the next decade he experienced revived and deep interest to mechanical watches, and started to collect them, study the history, operating principles and mechanisms of these little marvels. And once again, not so surprisingly, after spending countless hours about reading and studying horology, and in search of trying to find the quintessential watch to match his taste, he decided to act on continuum from participating to generating something, and instead of search to create one. That was seminal moment, and three years passionate journey stemming from that particular moment has now pinnacled to prototype series of his debut timecraft, the Fractalis.