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Dr. Timo Aittokoski, the founder of Aittokoski Timecrafts, is an academically highly educated individual with a Ph.D. in computer science and an M.Sc. in sports science. His roots are deeply grounded in the Finnish countryside, where he spent his formative years as a farmer's son. During this time, he developed an independent and creative mindset, as well as handcraft skills, which were necessary to keep the machinery running and create complex things from just basic materials using elemental tools. These abilities have enabled him to excel in his studies and have a successful career later in research and development positions.

Dr. Timo Aittokoski, the founder of Aittokoski Timecrafts.

Dr. Aittokoski's unwavering passion for all things mechanical and technological has remained steadfast since his youth. Over the years, his conduct in various fields has evolved from being a mere spectator to a passionate enthusiast, and soon enough, to an innovative designer. Driven by his fundamental desire to contribute to his chosen field, he has successfully designed and manufactured exceptional and unconventional designs, including modern turbocharged motorcycles, custom V-2 motorcycles, snowmobiles, competition-level two-stroke engines, power dynamometers, flow benches, complex control electronics, and even hi-fi loudspeakers. No matter the complexity of the task at hand, Dr. Aittokoski is equally adept at utilizing a range of tools, including welding torches, milling machines, and complex computer software.

In addition to his exceptional achievements in his personal pursuits, Dr. Aittokoski has a captivating career at the heart of cutting-edge research and development projects, where he leverages his expertise to pioneer innovative solutions to complex problems. Whether working on his own designs or contributing to larger projects, Dr. Aittokoski's resolute dedication to innovation and progression is evident in every aspect of his endeavors.

Dr. Aittokoski's attraction with watches began early on. In the same village, an eccentric and peculiar drifter with several watches hanging from his suit vest lived, and he was always willing to show his watches and make some watch trades. That was something quite amazing and alluring for a small kid. Dr. Aittokoski received his first watch, a plastic-cased, space-themed Casio, as a gift at Christmas during his first year of elementary school. He pinpoints that his interest particularly in mechanical wristwatches was probably sparked by John Christopher's post-apocalyptic sci-fi classic, in which mankind has deteriorated under the rule of Tripods and is largely pastoral, and the lifestyle is reminiscent of the Middle Ages. However, small artifacts from the Modern Age are still used, such as watches. One of the watches is awe-inspiring to protagonist Will and makes him think that humans must have had a much higher technological level prior to Tripods.
Similarly, Dr. Aittokoski began to feel deepening enchantment for the centuries-old technology that carries historical significance and still remains relevant today.

During the first decade of the new millennium, Dr. Aittokoski had a nonchalant interest in watches, buying some, using some, and losing some. However, during the following decade, he experienced a revived and deep fascination for mechanical watches, and he began collecting them while studying the history, operating principles, and intricate mechanisms of these little marvels. After dedicating countless hours to reading and studying horology, and enduring a frustrating search for the quintessential timepiece to match his discerning taste and high standards, Dr. Aittokoski realized that he needed to create his own 'Grail Watch' rather than continue the pursuit of searching for one. This was a seminal moment that ignited a passionate three-year journey, culminating in the release of his debut timepiece, the Fractalis, in 2019.

Aittokoski Fractalis watch; innovative and unique design with compressor lugs and 3D-billet dial.
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