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- From bees' honeycombs to the Giant's Causeway, hexagonal patterns are prevalent in nature due to their efficiency. - Wikipedia

Aittokoski R-27 watch, first prototype with "Deepest Black" dial.


The R-27 is Aittokoski's next creation after the Fractalis. The development of this timepiece began with a fascination for the hexagon shape, which is known to be one of the strongest structures found in nature and commonly used in mechanics. The hexagon motif is featured prominently throughout the watch,  from the case to the winding crown and even in the intricate details of the watch hands.

Following the acclaim for Fractalis, it was a natural continuation to incorporate screw-attached lugs also into the R-27, enhancing the timepiece's aesthetic appeal. The angular design of the lugs, coupled with the strength of the hexagonal case, enriches the watch with an air of engineering excellence.

Inspired by the hexagon's remarkable strength, the R-27 has been forged with skill and innovation to create a truly distinctive piece that is built to last and designed to impress.  Its bold lines and strong angles radiate a sense of valiance, conveying a strong and powerful presence that is both timeless and enduring.

Basic structure

The design of the R-27 is clean, robust, and exudes a sense of power and strength, making a strong statement on the wrist. Despite its substantial appearance, this watch is reasonably sized, with the smallest transverse distance of the hexagon measuring only 41mm, thickness of 11.1mm, and a lug width of 22mm, and a lug-to-lug distance of 48mm. Weighing only 89 grams without the strap, the R-27 proves that a watch can be both sturdy and lightweight.

The hexagonal case of the R-27 is constructed of industry-standard Stainless Steel 316L and features a similar shape to hexagonal nut fasteners, with tilted edges. The lugs are attached to the side of the case using M1.6 machine screws.

Aittokoski R-27 watch sideview.

Strap Security


It is well-known that unexpected incidents, such as hitting or getting the watch stuck somewhere, can compromise the spring bars holding the strap or bracelet, causing the watch to be thrown to the ground and potentially resulting in serious damage.
To match the robust appearance of the R-27, flimsy spring bars have been rejected in a similar fashion to Fractalis. Instead, the strap is attached with sturdy M1.6 Allen machine screws that are tightened into threads at the lug tips. This arrangement allows for easy and secure attachment of a strap or bracelet, and significant effort would be required to break the strap loose from the watch.

Aittokoski R-27 watch, showing secure strap attachment with screws.

THE dial & hands

Flat, distortion-free mineral glass crystal that is 1.3mm thick sits atop an engaging 3-dimensional dial with an uncluttered two-layer steel design. Currently, there are two captivating options for the dial.

The first dial option features the mesmerizing "Deepest Black" center - a strongly light-absorbing plate, surface-treated with the world's blackest paint, which absorbs 99.4% of the light. In any lighting condition less than perfect, the center of the dial appears to exist without any texture or surface, evoking the ethereal, transcendent impression of a black hole. This unique texture and appearance make the "Deepest Black" dial an excellent choice for those who appreciate the beauty of the cosmos and the mysteries of the universe.

Aittokoski R-27 watch prototype with "Deepest Black" dial.

The second dial option is "Arctic Steel", which shares the same basic structure as the first option. However, in this option, the brushed texture of the steel center piece resembles the glinting and shimmering of sunlight on snow and ice in the harsh but stunning arctic landscape and evokes a sense of coolness and pristine beauty. This option has a clean but strong appearance, featuring only the brand and model engravings, and it appears livelier than the first option in various lighting conditions.

Aittokoski R-27 watch with "Arctic Steel" dial.

The alpha-style hands of the R-27 possess a strong personality and originality of the design; the same qualities that the watch conveys as a whole.The hands are of a substantial size, wide, and feature a lance-like shape with visible curvature at the tip, imparting a powerful presence and legibility. The centers of the hands are delicately shaped with a hexagonal motif and joined with an angular neck to a curved tip. Paired with the dial, the hands provide a functional and impressive addition to the timepiece, elevating its aesthetics and uniqueness.

Aittokoski R-27 watch hand detail: hexagon motif repeated at hand centers.

display caseback

The R-27 features a display caseback that offers a captivating view of a ticking movement, adding a technological feel to the timepiece. Being able to see the watch movement in action, with the balance wheel swinging back and forth and the escape wheel advancing in precise increments of time, while also watching the oscillating weight rotating around, is an entertaining experience that enhances the allure of a mechanical watch by allowing you to witness firsthand how the movement functions and accurately measures the passage of time.


Furthermore, the engraved movement holder, visible through the back crystal, adds a touch of elegance and recognizability to the watch. The back crystal of the R-27 is made of premium mineral glass that is 1.3mm thick and features a flat design that prevents any visual distortion. This ensures that the view of the movement and the holder is crystal clear, allowing you to fully appreciate the intricate details of the watch's movement.

The R-27 can house Miyota 9015, ETA2892-A2, or Sellita SW-300 movements.

Aittokoski R-27 watch with display caseback. Offering view to a movement and engraved movement holder.

"Stealth black" -case

The R-27 can be supplied with an optional black PVD-coated case. The case itself is constructed from the same Stainless Steel 316L as the basic model, but it features an additional PVD coating that enhances hardness, durability, and, of course, visual aesthetics. The coating has a black base color with hues of gray and blue, depending on lighting. With the angular shapes of the R-27, the coating gives the watch a discreet, stealthy look.

Aittokoski R-27 watch with Stealth Black -case and Deepest Black dial.
Aittokoski R-27 watch with Stealth Black -case and Deepest Black dial.
Aittokoski R-27 watch, line drawing.
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