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"Technology is finest when it enhances our lives with an elegant simplicity."

Aittokoski Quantalor watch lug details.


The Quantalor is our third creation after the Fractalis and R-27. The design process of the Quantalor was driven by the desire to combine a highly technical appearance with elegance and impeccable wearing comfort. Every facet of the design has been meticulously evolved to achieve a delicate balance between a technological look and an elegant timeless style. The result is a watch that isn't merely a timekeeping device but rather aspires to weave a narrative of innovation and sophistication, all crafted in a form that offers a delightful and substantial wrist presence.

The Quantalor will be available for order at the beginning of September 2023.
There are two basic options, Quantalor Glacial Steel with bare steel case (shown in pictures), and Quantalor Black Moon with black PVD coated case and two-layer copper dial.

Please note the obvious - this page is still under development. More information about the design process, features of the watch, and pictures of the Quantalor will be added. Check back soon for the unveiling of the complete picture!

Aittokoski Quantalor watch seen below.
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