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"Technology is finest when it enhances our lives with an elegant simplicity."

Aittokoski Quantalor Glacial Steel watch.


The Quantalor is Aittokoski's third creation after the Fractalis and the R-27. The design process of the Quantalor was driven by the desire to combine a highly technical appearance with elegance and impeccable wearing comfort. Every facet of the design has been meticulously evolved to achieve a delicate balance between a technological look and an elegant timeless style. The result is a watch that isn't merely a timekeeping device but rather aspires to weave a narrative of innovation and sophistication, all crafted in a form that offers a delightful and substantial wrist presence.

The design work of Quantalor started from the same basic ideas as Fractalis did back in the day, with the three main objectives of design being practicality, ergonomics, and aesthetics. Visually and also to a large extent structurally, Quantalor continues the innovative lineage started by Fractalis.

Aittokoski Quantalor watch seen below.

The Aittokoski Quantalor watch lug and case details: when examined from the side or the back, a more technical appearance of the watch is revealed.

For practicality, the diameter of the watch case measures a moderate 42 millimeters, and the case thickness is only 10 millimeters. In Quantalor, as in both previous Aittokoski watch models, and unlike in so-called ordinary watches, the strap attachment lugs are separate screw-on parts, and the strap is also attached with sturdy M1.6 machine screws instead of flimsy spring bars. The known problem with spring bar attachment is that the spring bar may fail, causing the strap to detach and the watch to fall off the wrist. In the unfortunate case of one lug being damaged, the entire case wouldn't need to be replaced, only the damaged lug. The watch head is constructed of stainless 316L "surgical steel," and it weighs 72 g without the strap in the steel version or 84 g in the Black Moon version. The difference in weight is explained by the use of a heavier copper dial and copper movement holders in the Black Moon version.

The Aittokoski Quantalor Black Moon showing conical crown with good grip and faceted, screw attached lugs conveying strong appearence.

In terms of ergonomics, Quantalor's dial is relatively large in diameter, clear, and forms an easily readable unit with the clean alpha-type hands, whose shape nicely combines round and direct lines. The winding crown is sufficiently large for easy grip and slightly conical in shape, so it doesn't rub against the wrist. The strap attachment lugs are slightly downward-folding in shape, aligning the strap attachment point with the bottom of the watch. These features ensure that the watch sits very comfortably on the wrist.

The Aittokoski Quantalor Black Moon with black PVD coated case and easily readable, two-layer, engraved copper dial.

Aesthetically, the Quantalor features a clean-lined yet powerful design, where a strongly technical appearance is in harmonious balance with timeless elegance. To achieve this, the watch case is relatively minimalist, a cylindrical piece enhanced by chamfered edges. The screw-on strap attachment lugs are formed of numerous flat surfaces, grooves, angles, and facets, which brushed finishing gives a pleasing lively surface. The sides of the lugs are also trimmed, and the brushing of the edge facets creates contrast with the matte satin finish of the inner surfaces.

Viewed from the top, Quantalor radiates understated elegance, but when examined from the side or the back, a more technical appearance is revealed. The trimmed lugs, attachment screws, and strap attachment screws are visible from the side. From below, the Quantalor watch features a transparent screw-attached case back, offering a fascinating view of the fine mechanical workings of the watch movement. The back-and-forth oscillation of the balance wheel and the stepping motion of the escapement wheel make the precise measurement of time visible, adding to the charm of the mechanical watch.

With its stylish appearance and comfortable fit, it could be said that the Quantalor watch possesses an exceptionally strong wrist charisma. This observation is supported by the feedback received from early exhibitions.

The Aittokoski Quantalor features a transparent screw-attached case back, offering a fascinating view of the fine mechanical workings of the watch movement.

The Quantalor has been available for order since September 2023.

There are two basic options: the Quantalor Glacial Steel with a bare steel case and steel dial, and the Quantalor Black Moon, which offers a black PVD-coated case, a two-layer copper dial, and a solid copper billet movement holder.

Both models can be personalized to meet customers' individual needs, creating a unique and tailored instrument. For example, the bottom part of the dial or the movement holder ring can be engraved with a motto, logo, squadron or coat of arms emblem, special dates, symbols, or any other material that holds personal significance to the wearer.

Two Aittokoski Quantalor watches, Black Moon on the left, and Glacial Steel on the right.

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